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Saturday, 21 June 2014

'The man' has Cancer.

My sister phoned this evening - she phoned and she said - "Dad has Cancer".

"Cancer of the esophagus" - "a malignant tumour" - "it will be two weeks before we know if it's operable/possible to treat with radio/chemo therapy or if it's terminal" - "This is bad but try and stay positive, it may be treatable".

Positive! - I've never felt this far from positive in my life!

My Dad - My *always there and if he's not there he's getting there* Dad - has Cancer.

The Dad above all dads - The only person in my life I trust completely - the only person who (aside from my Nan who died when I was eleven) has never hurt me - has Cancer.


I don't know how to deal with that!

I'm scared.


Thank you for allowing me to share

God bless you and all those you love  

Kimmie x 


UPDATE 4/7/14 - Dad had a scan this week, in addition to the oesophagus the Cancer has spread to his liver, stomach and Lymph nodes - there is nothing they can do - I'm going to lose my Dad! I don't think I need to explain how heartbroken I am.

Please bear with me friends, I'll update the blog when I can and do my best to keep up with as many of you as possible via Twitter & Facebook. 
If you need me DM on Twitter, PM on facebook or leave a message on the blog. I'm still lurking if not always active online - I'll hear you :o) 

Bless you all who have supported me over the past few weeks - It's meant more than you could possibly know! 

God bless 

Kimmie X 

UPDATE 4/2/15 - After months of attempt to slow down the Cancer, (buy more time) Dad had another scan this week....the chemo has failed..existing growths have grown, and the Cancer has spread to Dads lungs....Nothing more can be done....except, pain relief and palliative care - It's just a matter of time now. 

I don't know how to be in a Dadless world....I'm going to miss him so hearts breaking. 

PRAYER... Lord, I pray that despite the distance between us, and symptoms of mental illness that prevent me from travelling, when the time comes,'ll get me there. Amen