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Monday, 5 October 2015

Prayer for Refugees... (a #1000speak post)

Prayer for Refugees... (a #1000speak post) via @stuckinscared

Father, God, 
Please help the world's refugees.

All who's lives have been torn apart by conflict, 
forced to leave their homes, loved ones, countries. 
Protect those who are journeying now 
heal those who are safe, but still traumatized 
Soften the 'hard hearts' - comfort the broken 
Send hope for the hopeless.

Let all who can do something to help... do it
all who have something to give... give it
all who seek a safe place to live... find it. 
All who can do nothing but pray... pray.

That all who suffer be given strength; to persevere, to hold on to hope. 
That they be accommodated, comforted, cared for. 

These people, they're aching... physically, emotionally, spiritually 
Their pain must be unbearable, beyond comprehension
Mothers, Fathers, children, babies 
Hungry, hurting, homeless... afraid. 

Human beings... some dead, some dying

and those who survive the journey... 
thrown from a sea of hope into an unfamiliar (largely unwelcoming) world 
Washed up, weary worn... stranded. 

Help them, Lord... please help them 



Thank you for allowing me to share 

God bless you, and all those you love 

Kimmie x 

I'm adding this post to this months #1000speak linky on the 20th of October... to find out more about 1000 speak, click here.


  1. That is a beautiful prayer, Kimmie. I especially like the words you have taken out and placed on a photo as quote. They are lovely words. I hope they inspire some actions.

  2. From someone who has trouble praying - just want to say, that's something indeed. Those who can do it, pray mightily. Put in a word for the rest of us while you're at it. ;-)

    1. Thank you Paula. I find it easier to write prayers down... less interruptions :) x

  3. Gorgeous prayer, Kimmie, and all I can say is AMEN!