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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

'Yummy Yum Yum'

My God I needed to write today!
Earlier this afternoon with a head full of 'Yukity Yuk Yuk' I tried desperately to throw some of it your way. Two hours I sat here trying to unravel my muddled mind and absolutely bugger all made it as far as the keyboard!

How does that work exactly?! 
My head is full of blogger fodder, I'm so lonely I don't even wanna be with myself anymore, I'm crying at the drop of a hat and hurting so much I'm surprised my scars aren't visible. 
I'm not sure if I wanna make love to 'The Body Guard' (That's hubby to the newbies) or slap him round the face with a wet haddock. (He probably deserves the wet haddock!) 
I spent fifteen minutes this morning spitting venom at my mirrored self - I really let me have it!
Blimey! - There's a ramble begging to come out! 

Anyway, eventually I gave up trying to make any sense here on the blog and took my sulky self over to Twitter where thanks to a few caring Tweeps (you know who you are) I'd offloaded enough (in blogs of 140 characters or less) to feel more like 'mum' than 'mad woman' before 'Littlie' arrived home from school. 

I decided I'd have another go at offloading 'Yukity Yuk Yuk' after 'Littlie' went to bed and within minutes of her going down I'd made coffee, plonked myself in-front of the laptop aaand - NOTHING! o_O 

I blew raspberries at the laptop, gave up on 'the writing thing' and in search of something (ANYTHING) positive I opened up my picture Library. 

It didn't take me long to find my positive (It's a mum thing!) 

Anyway I found what I needed - felt better - smiled a bit and then I thought of you lot. 
They read my 'Yukity Yuk Yuk' I thought - support me either here on the blog or on Twitter (and come back for more!) - I'm gonna share with them my 'Yummy yum yum'! 

So here it is (By 'Little's' own gorgeous hands) - 'Yummy Yum Yum'. 

  You will need - mud (aka tuna) - Trees (aka Broccoli) - grass (aka cress)
   goldfish (aka peaches) - flowers (aka grapes) - fence panels (aka crackers)

First spoon (Or dollop as 'Littlie' calls it) Tuna (mud) into an oblong container

Place small container (fish pond) in center & fill with peach juice.
Chop a few peaches into tiny pieces (goldfish)
sprinkle in a little cress (pond weed)

Sprinkle cress over tuna (grass) and arrange crackers around the edge of
large container to represent fencing.

Next (beautifully demonstrated by 'Little' here) add broccoli trees

Chuck some fruit here and there to represent flowers and you're done.

Finally - Place your 'Littlie' in a chair with his/her masterpiece and toddle off
back to the kitchen to clear up the mess (There's lots of it!)   :O)

No matter how bad things get - If you have a 'Littlie' (grown up or otherwise) then you have something good in EVERY day! 

Thank you God, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for blessing me with lots of 'Littlie's'. Amen. 

Thank you as always my friends for allowing me to share, I can't tell you how much it means to me to have you here to ramble to. 

God bless you and all those you love 

kimmie x


  1. Aw, how lovely! She gets all that loveliness from YOU!! xx

    1. Aw Thanks Michelle, That's a lovely thing to say - you have a good 'Dollop' of that loveliness in you too! x

  2. What a lovely post, who knew tuna could be so decorative!