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Monday, 3 August 2015

Hope For Jenny. #HomeForJenny

My friend, Lizzi (who is a beautiful bean) is trying to help her friend, Jenny (who is, by all accounts, also a beautiful bean). Jenny is homeless, but (Thanks to Lizzi) not hopeless! 

I'm not going to tell the story... it's not my story to tell, but I'd love for you to read Lizzi's account, (below), because, (I believe...from what I know of you via Twitter, & the blog), many of you are likely to be as moved by Jenny's strength, (and Lizzi's heart) as I have been. 


My Lovelies, if you’ve been around here for more than the odd occasion lately, you’ll know all about Jenny; the amazing lady I met a few weeks ago when I took post-hotel-conference food to distribute to the homeless people in the city centre (I’m not an angel – food waste is anathema to me when there are people going hungry, and I couldn’t bear it to be thrown away rather than shared, with just a tiny bit of effort on my part). Well, I have AMAZING news about her, but also need your help. 

If you’ve followed our story, you’ll know that I offered to help, however I could, if it was possible, because she got under my skin and became part of my Village, and she matters to me. I visit each day and bring her tea, because that’s what she said would make life better for her (except not right now because I’m laid up at home with shingles (and if this post wanders, I apologise now – I’m on some heavy-duty pain meds) and I miss her lots) and she has opened my eyes to an entirely different world.
A harsh world. REALLY harsh. 
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Lizzi Rogers is co-founder of the #1000speak (1000 voices for Compassion) movement...inspired by An article she wrote in January 2015 , she has a heart of gold. 
You can connect with Lizzi on Twitter (if you'd like to) HERE
You can read more about Jenny Jenny 

Excerpt... "But I want you to see her. And Gabriel. In their ‘home’ – an alcove of the 13th Century Old Walls in my city. A ‘home’ with a brick back and a cardboard front, and no…well…no anything, except what they can beg, borrow, adapt or scrounge. A ‘home’ which when Gabriel has convulsions because of a suspected brain injury, he can fall through the box wall into the public car-park which the old wall is a border of. A home with a scavenged toddler’s pushchair as an extra seat. A ‘home’ where Jenny has made a purple craft-paper window, cut into four, and stuck it in between the box/cupboard/bricks which make up the front, because sometimes even a homeless person wants to be able to look out of the window."

Thank you for allowing me to share 
God bless you, and all those you love 
Kimmie x 


  1. My wonderful, incredible, AMAZING friend - you are one of the most generous and giving human beans I think I have the pleasure of knowing. THANK YOU for such incredible support for Jenny and Gabriel <3 <3

    1. Aw, You're welcome... I really, REALLY hope you pull this off Lizzi. Bless you for your beautiful heart! x

  2. A very touching and heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you, Norah... for taking the time to read Jenny's story :)