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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Christmas Eve Quickie

Don't panic - I'm not about to (as the title suggests) throw my 'middle aged' love life your way (Perish the thought! o_O )
But it is 'Christmas Eve' and this will be 'quick'.   

Life's tough at the moment and I have a whole load of 'blogger fodder' rolling around in my head but for now that's where it's staying - It's Christmas Eve and I'm feeling 'Christmassy' - "do you hear me brain?" - "No negativity allowed!"

'Christmas Eve', is my absolute favorite day of the year and today I have had a fabulous day! 

A couple of glasses of 'Tia Maria'
a 'Rod Stewart' CD and a delightfully excited 'Littlie'
(covered from head to foot in flour) had me giggling
my way through the Christmas baking.
'Littlie' - despite her condition preventing her from sampling festive foods
(other than the specially cut snowman shaped cheeses) enjoyed helping
mummy in the kitchen . 
The Christmas 'cake toppers' that have been around since my eldest was small
look just as good on my incredibly tiny *cheaters cake*
as they would have done if I'd had the energy to bake my own.
The presents are wrapped
The stockings are filled
Rudolf's sorted
Santa's sorted
I'm anticipating Christmas morning with butterfly tummy and skipping heart (as I always do)
I love the chaos - the mess that out does all messes - the *pringle crumb* carpet and the tripping over of the long and the short legs sprawled out into the middle of my very small dinning room. 
Here's one (A Christmas morning) we made earlier :O)

'Littlie's' sound asleep - shhhh....!  
Now all I have left to do (before putting my feet up with a glass of the hard-ish stuff)  is to thank you all - Dear, 'readers of my rambles' for your support and encouragement over the last year and to wish you and yours....

Thank you as always for allowing me to share 

God bless you and yours 

Kimmie X


  1. Dear Kimmie, may God bless you and your family and all your endeavors for your Highest Good and the good of all. May you received whatever help you need at the most auspicious time in the most auspicious way. May you continue to be an example and an inspiration as you so bravely fight the good fight. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

    1. Thank you Beryle, I was very touched by your lovely comment.
      God bless you, I wish you and yours a happy Christmas an a peaceful new year.

      Kimmie X

  2. Aww Kimmie precious times beautiful hair littlie has. You are an amazing mum and person with a lot of talent compassion and a huge heart, Wishing you lots of hugs and love from my house too your's, BTW what times is dinner tomoz looks damn good lol , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Soph

    1. Aw Thanks Sophie, lots of love to you and yours too lovely.
      Yes 'Littlie' does have gorgeous hair tho it probably needed a brush in that pic lol
      As for dinner....You'd be very welcome :) That's Christmas picky bits for lunch you can see 'Littlie' preparing....we're having good ole chicken for dinner :)

      Love to you and yours my friend

      Kimmie X

  3. Na beautiful hair :) she is so cute, aww thanks for invite your prob miles away from me be cold by the time I got there lol. Us too love chicken can't beat it you have a fab day my friend.

    Love Soph xx

  4. Merry Christmas! Hope it's your best ever!
    Irene xx

    1. Aw Thank you Irene, I wish the very same to you and yours

      Kimmie X