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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' :o)

No ramble tonight (Not sure Iv'e got one in me) but as it's a week since I last blogged and Christmas is my absolute favorite I thought I'd share my decs with you. 

It's taken me nearly a month (low on spoons) and damn near finished me off but my house is now well and truly 'Christmas'ed!' :O)
Won't need to turn 'Littlie's' sensory lights on for a while, actually, there are no sockets left to plug 'Littlie's sensory lights into! lol

I love Christmas and 'Littlie's' eye's are shinning like a child's eye's should - so on both counts - Worth every *drag yourself up mum* minute! 

And now for the grand tour

Kitchen window sill

'Littlie's bedroom
Her tree has been up since early Nov
She was keen bless her

Front room window sill

Lounge view from dinning room

Back door

Old fish tank which stands in my dinning room all year round
looking like a heap of S.... 'old fish tank' to be magically
transformed into 'Littlie's' winter wonder land each December.


View of dinning room from lounge

Family tree - some touching allowed
Joint effort.

Lounge through to dinning room

Mummy's tree
An evening job, on my own with Rod Stewart ringing in my ears
Absolutely NO TOUCHING allowed lol
Snow scene under 'Mummy's Tree'
Again - No Touching :o)

And last but by no means least
The Loo ;o)

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and - I'd like to say a Tory free new year but as that's unlikely I'll wish you all a happy one and pray you get it! 

Thank you for allowing me to share 

God bless you and yours 

Kimmie x


  1. Absolutely Magical! I love it. Well done.

    1. Thanks Tammy, It's worth it once it's done :) x

  2. Simply beautiful..... :)
    Wishing you & 'yours' a magical Christmas x

  3. Absolutely wonderful, enchanting stuff, Kimmie! Creativity and love making up for lack of spoonfulness! Love the loo, too! Brilliant! Hope you have a gentle, joyful, blessed time with your lovely family! :-)

    1. Thank you lovely lady and the same wished for you and your's :o) x