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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

'Boop & Cookie's' #WOWpetition journey. (2013)

JANUARY 2013 - 'Betty' and 'Cookie' look on the internet for help and find support and friends at *WOW petition*

FEBRUARY 2013 - 'Betty' and 'Cookie' along with thousands of other sick and disabled people worry that the WCA will discriminate against them - It should be abolished!

MARCH 2013 - The horrible 'scrounger' rhetoric, government/media propaganda keep 'Betty and 'Cookie' (& thousands of others) awake at night, they use Twitter to build resistance.

APRIL 2013 - Forced to chose between heating and eating WOWzers everywhere stay strong and continue to support each other. Because they have love in their hearts.

MAY 2013 - But the Government is relentless in it's cruelty and 'Betty and 'Cookie' along with many others are forced to use a foodbank to survive.

JUNE 2013 - But even food aid is limited by the evil department of work and pensions and soon the cupboard is bare. 

JULY 2013 - Hit by cumulative cuts, sanctions, bedroom tax and council tax they lose their home and are forced to live in a tent. 

AUGUST 2013 - But the tent is destroyed by tabloid reading vandals so 'Betty' and 'Cookie' sleep under the stars. 

SEPTEMBER 2013 - 'Betty & 'Cookie' agree - It's time to resist the 'War On Welfare' - Time to make a stand! 

OCTOBER 2013 - Not even ghosts and ghouls can scare 'Betty' & 'Cookie' - after all they are fighting a whole Government! 

NOVEMBER 2013 - 'Betty' & 'Cookie' want *Change* - Together with thousands of other allies they are determined to defeat the evil DWP!

DECEMBER 2013 - 'Betty & 'Cookie' along with fellow WOWzers celebrate the success (100,000+ signatures) of the #WOWpetition! 

On the 27th February 100,000 strong take on Westminster - A main chamber debate (the first of it's kind) - BY disabled people FOR disabled people!  

'Boop & 'Cookie's story was a bit of fun which helped to raise awareness of and gather support for #WOWpetition during 2013 - The demonizing of UK disabled people however is a very serious matter. 
Thousands of sick and disabled people have been and are being hurt by the Governments welfare reforms!.... So my friends on behalf of all concerned - If you signed/supported the #WOWpetition during 2013 and continue to support the WOWcampaign now ....*THANK YOU* ! 

Thank you as always for allowing me to share 

God bless you and all those you love 

Kimmie x 

UPDATE: We won the debate :O) 


  1. Very clever Kimmie extremely engaging it's that good you do not need to do the thanks and blessing bit. Your works stands on its own many feet. Keep it coming. It just gets better and better. With you all the way.

  2. Aw Thanks Ropey - TBH I was in such a hurry to get it out before tomorrows debate that I completely forgot my thanks and blessing (Naughty Kimmie lol )

    I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway and thanks for your support :)

    God bless

    Kimmie x

  3. I love this - it made me smile :))) xx

    1. I'm glad it made you smile Bob - 'Tweet sticks' at the ready for the morrow :)) xxxx

  4. Thank you for so cleverly, so creatively, so astutely chronicling our year, Kimmie. %) {{{ xox }}}