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Friday, 11 April 2014

'Messy Art Of Play'

Hello 'Friends of Mummy', 'Littlie' here - mummies not been up to blogging much recently, actually she's not been up to much at all other than seeing to my needs (I have many :O))

I on the other hand have been up to all sorts - It's the school holidays at the mo and I've been doing my best to make sure mummy enjoys them!

Today I worked especially hard at the 'Stick a smile on Mum' thing (she's not very well at the moment) and (If I do say so myself) I absolutely nailed it! - so I thought I'd pinch one of her blog posts (shhhh!) and share my wonderfulness with you guys.

On that note I give to you -  'The Messy Art Of Play'.

Step 1 - Squirt some cheap 'smells like daddy' gloop (Shaving Foam) into a bowl and add to it some food colouring.

Step 2 - Stir it up madly until it looks good enough to eat (Don't eat it!)

Step 3 - Spoon your 'Looks-yummy-smells-like-dad' paint into a muffin tray - Again, don't eat it!
Step 4 - Plonk bum, load paint brush  & watch sweetly as mummy demonstrates a little sunshine picture on the kitchen cupboard door for you to copy.

Okay that's enough of the 'step this - step that' rubbish - Just ditch the paint brush as soon as possible and smother yourself and every available surface in gloop! (Don't worry mums, It washes off!)

And that's all there is too it! - Have fun :O) 

P.S For those of you who raised your eyebrows at my "It washes off" statement - I went to the trouble of taking before and after pics :O) 

I smiled a lot today and (Thanks to me) mummy did too! 

Dear God, Thank you for giving me a mummy who doesn't mind 'Gloop' and a Daddy who doesn't mind clearing it up. I had fun today. Amen. 

Thank You for allowing me to share 

God bless you and yours 

'Littlie' x 


  1. Wow Littlie how creative you are and what fun you had. Fancy going to all that trouble to bring a smile to your Mummy's face AND clearing up all the mess too!

    You must get your creative talent from your very artistic Mummy. :) xx

    1. Oh no Michelle, I left the clearing up to Daddy :O) x

  2. This is sweet, Kimmie, and I'm happy to hear you give a voice to Littlie in your blog. I had a slightly different experience with food coloring. I added it to cold cream once so that my daughter could look like a green witch on Halloween. I found out the cold cream washed off fine, but the color stayed for days. It was a little embarrassing.

    Twitter is such an odd cyberspace in many ways - we touch each other's lives and yet have no really private space to talk. I have wanted to ask you how your dad's illness is - Lord, I can't say "progressing," can I? because who wants a terminal illness to "progress"? But I am thinking of you, and that email address is still on my "about" page, if ever you need it.

    Sometimes I fantasize about the "Brit Twit" tour I will take where I get to meet all my UK friends from across the pond. Won't happen anytime soon, though, as one of the two places I work is restructuring, and my last day there is Friday Oct 3 - just when I had reached the point where I felt economically secure enough to find my own apartment again. It's been distressing on a number of levels. But life is full of challenges. And the dort is home. So we carry on, laugh and love the best we can.

    1. Hi Paula, I'm sorry to learn that you have been having a difficult time, my email is on my about page if you ever need to talk, and thank you for your offer of same!

      I had a little giggle at the image of your daughters green face, bless her heart (and yours lol)

      My Dad? Well, he was incredibly ill a few weeks ago, he had a life threatening blood infection and was in hospital for weeks - thankfully he pulled through, and is now on a different chemo regime, he's had a good week this week, even managing a bit of light pottering in his garden *smiles*.

      Our hope now, is that the chemo buy him some extra months, we've been told to expect months rather than years, but you never know - all the while the heart beats, there is hope :)

      God bless you and yours hun

      Kimmie x

    2. Ah, pottering in the garden. How lovely. It is a beautiful day here, and I am going to enjoy it. Meanwhile, I will keep that email in mind. It occurs to me that there is more than one blogging friend I am ready to add to my Christmas letter. And since you are the Queen of Christmas... ;-)

    3. "Queen of Christmas" Now there's a title I will accept gladly :o) I think on that note. I'm gonna head off and throw a little bit of Christmas at my #ArchiveDay peeps #whynot :O)

  3. Oh WOW! I see what you mean..looks fun though. I've already stopped wearing my 'nice'' jeans...!

  4. Great fun actually.... and you don't have to give your tiny quite as much freedom with the mess.. when Littlie was a tiny it was a far tamer affair - trays of different 'feels'.. gloop, jelly, beans ect, on a mat, in one place (almost one place) - hiding small toys (we toy animals) in a large bowl of jelly is a fun activity - I love the sensory activities :)

    I expect pics if you have a go :)