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Friday, 19 June 2015

A love Letter... A Thank you... & some recycling. (a #1000speak post)

I wanted to (tried to) write something new for #1000speak this month, it's a stunning movement, and one I feel incredibly proud to be a part of; but (as some of you already know) my Dad passed away a few weeks ago, and with Fathers Day just around the corner and my head still so full of missing/wanting/needing Dad; I'm finding it hard to think about (or write about) much else.

However, I did find (whilst surfing 'compassion' on the net, hoping for inspiration) a beautiful 'Love Letter to the World, so beautiful, that I thought (rather than cop out altogether this month) I'd share it with you, dear reader...along with a 'Thank you' (I'll get to that in a bit), and a couple of *Compassion I wrote earlier* links... in case you missed them...:o)

'Love Letter to the World' was originally written by Kate Swoboda and is free to download Here

Enjoy :o)

Love Letter to the World


Before I get on to the recycling... I'd like to take a moment to say a huge, and heartfelt *Thank you* to all the gorgeous souls who supported me through Dads illness (Cancer), and who've continued to support me over the past few weeks since he passed away.
Losing Dad has been the hardest thing (to date) Iv'e ever had to bear, and you (you all know who you are), have been a Godsend...your kindness, friendship and *compassion*.has helped me (is helping me) to muddle through it.

Thank you X

The Recycling... 

{Excerpt}... Across the street, now sleeping 
somebody's son dreams hungers dream
Of Yorkshire pud, fish and chips
and mint choc chip ice-cream

somebody's son. 1000 speak for compassion

{Excerpt}... There were no toys in the pram room for the little girl to play with, no cushions for her to snuggle into when she napped fell into an exhausted (scream worn) sleep - no padding to protect her, when out of fear, abandonment, desperation, she smashed her head against the floor... over and over again!

There were no hearers of responders to her screams, no wipes for her tear stained (often blood stained) cheeks, no cuddles for calm.... no attention, no love compassion.
Marie's Voice. 1000 speak for compassion.
I sit down next to her, and imagining that she can see me/hear me, as I can her; I say, "It's okay darling... everything's gonna be okay... Compassion is on her way."
"She'll be here soon - she'll be your voice, and one day (though she doesn't yet know it herself) she'll be your mum.
She will fight for you, care for you, love you....and she'll be with you - always."

Marie's Voice. 1000speak for compassion

If you'd like to read the above Compassion posts in full just click on the titles and whoosh, you'll be wait, come back, there's more... ;o)


This post is my (I've a muddled mind, but my hearts in the right place) contribution to June's 'One Thousand Voices for compassion' movement - a monthly event to promote and encourage good in the world.

On the 20th of each month bloggers and video-makers from all over the world come together to speak for compassion, in the hope of making a difference. 

#1000speak is a beautiful movement and one I'm proud to be a part of.  :o)

1000 speak for compassion.

"Let ourselves care about strangers, act on behalf of those who are helpless, and encourage everyone we know to do the same." ~ Lizzi Rogers

There are so many #1000speak contributions, from bloggers all over the World... I encourage you to check them out if you get a chance, I'm sure you'll find some that resonate with you. 

You can do that by following @1000speak on Twitter or by checking out the '1000 Voices for Compassion' Face book page Here

Speaking for GOOD on the 20th of every month


Thank you as always for allowing me to share 

God bless you, and all those you love 

Kimmie x 

P.S Check this one out... not one of my rambles, but definitely worth a read... because, well... *sugar-mousiness*... what's not to like :o) Sometimes the village needs a little sugar



  1. What wonderful and hear warming thoughts. Thanks for sharing that. Best wishes always.

  2. *HUGS* Beautiful letter to the world, VERY worthwhile recycling, and thank you for caring enough about #1000Speak to link up this weekend. I'll be thinking of you <3

    1. Thanks Lizzi... and for being one those beautiful souls I was referring to in the post :) x

  3. (and thanks for my shout-out - I barely think I deserve it on the back of such a tough post, but THANK YOU, I really appreciate it :) *mwah* )

    1. Absolutely deserved, your sugar-mousiness brightened my day, and triggered some nice memories :)

      So, THANK YOU :o) x

  4. I know this weekend is a tough one, Kimmie. My heart goes out to you right now. May it help you to know that time does indeed help ease the pain of what you're feeling right now. I'm sure everyone has been telling you that. It's true though. I lost my dad just two years ago. In many ways, it still feels like yesterday. Last year was my 1st Father's Day without him. It was tough. Really tough. This year, I feel a wee bit stronger. Sad still and I miss him terribly. I know that the missing feeling will never end, but the pain and grief does ease up a bit with time. Give yourself sufficient time to heal. I know it's hard. Sending love and prayers your way. :)

    1. Thank you Marcia, such a thoughtful, and comforting comment.

      I'll be thinking of you too tomorrow, I'm so sorry for your own loss.

      Sending love and prayers to you x

  5. That love letter is gorgeous. I can't imagine loosing my father so close to fathers day. My father died over ten years ago in February and I still struggle with it. Thinking of you on Fathers day.

    1. Thank you, such a thoughtful comment. I can't imagine a time when Fathers day won't be a struggle...I'm so sorry for your own loss, and your own struggle yesterday x

  6. So sorry about your Dad. I hope you got through yesterday okay, and with lovely memories of your Dad. xx

    1. Thank you, I muddled through it... the sadness interferes with the happy memories ATM, it's all very raw still... but they are there, the happy memories, lots of them :)

      I do so enjoy your blog by the way... it never fails to make me smile :)

      All the best, Kimmie x

  7. What a beautiful letter! Thanks for sharing, Kimmie!

    Hold on tight, I know it's a tough phase but don't worry, this too shall pass.

    Love, Radhika xx

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the letter Radhika... I thought it was beautiful too :)

      Thank you for your comforting thoughts, bless you!

      I hope all is well with you and yours this week, Kimmie x

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