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Sunday, 21 June 2015

You know where the kettle is :o) #WeekendCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee I'd point you in the direction of the kettle and the cappuccino cupboard, and ask you to make me one while you're at it... Don't look at me like that...It's been a long day ;o)

If we were having coffee I'd tell you how grateful I was when my Mum and her partner picked 'Littlie' up, and took her to Church with them this morning... I'd tell you (perhaps you already know) that today was the first Fathers Day I've had to get through without my Dad... I'd tell you how tough it's been, how achingly Dadless I've felt, how hard it's been to do the 'Mum thing' much I needed those couple of child free hours this morning.

I'd tell you that my 'Littlie' had a fab time with the Nannies, and that by the time she came home this afternoon I was needing the 'Mum thing', just as desperately as I'd needed a break from it this morning.
I'd tell you how welcome her distracting chatter was, how much I enjoyed (albeit sleepily) reading to her this afternoon, and again this evening... and how grateful I am for Enid Blyton's imagination... I'd tell you that it's impossible to grieve when you're up 'The Faraway Tree'... and that while up there, we were...FREE!

If we were having coffee I'd ask you to nip out and turn the sprinkler off for me, and if you happen to spot any dog poo while you're out there, be a love and pick it up... bags are in the draw... no, not that draw, the one next to the microwave ;)

If we were having coffee we'd need a top up around now... you know where the kettle is ;)
While waiting for the kettle, we'd stand at the back door and I'd point out all of the little solar lights that are now doted around the garden; in memory of Dad.
Coloured fairy lights in the trees, hanging baskets and bushes... solar cubes, dragonflies, and stakes in the beds...the crystal balls that are hanging from the fence, like diamonds in sunlight-colour changing at night.
I'd tell you that later tonight (when I wake her up to change her pad), I'll take Little through to my room where the window overlooks the garden, we'll climb onto my bed, cuddle up, pull back the curtain, and... 'Christmas in June' will light up her eyes.

I'd tell you how Iv'e tried (and failed) to capture the lights on camera, how much I'd love to share the magic on the blog, and I'd ask you if you have any idea how to photograph fairy lights at night.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you how proud I am of Littlie this week, she (you may already know) is almost ten years old, and is disabled... she struggles (greatly) with tasks that would usually come easy for a child her age.
Well, this afternoon (for the second time this week) she managed to get the washing from the line. It took her an incredibly long time, and her legs gave way before she could finish, but... she did it...reached up, manipulated pegs (or, yanked when all else failed) and loaded the laundry bag... :)
She was so chuffed with herself... "all by my own self'".

If we were having coffee, we'd take our drinks, the biscuit tin (and in my case cigs) out to the patio now, I'd puff, you'd dunk, (or puff, or both) and we'd talk about you for a while.

How's life treating you?


Thank you for allowing me to share 

God bless you and all those you love 

Kimmie x 

P.S... Who's turn is it to put the kettle on? ;o) 

P.P.S,,, Weekend Coffee share is the brain child of Part-Time Monster Click here to go to the link up

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  1. I would love to come for coffee. I would be happy to put the kettle on, and make you a cup too. I would rather enjoy meeting your daughter that I have heard so much about, but I would not, repeat would NOT pick up dog poop for you! ;)

    1. hahahaha... Party pooper (pardon the pun) ;o)

      You'd be very welcome C X

  2. What a weekend! Sounds like you put your coffee visitors to work. ;)

    Glad you got what you needed from your family today as you were dealing with a difficult father's day.

    1. Thank you, for popping over,for hosting, and for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment!

      ...and yes, 'The Mum Thing' keeps me going :) x

  3. I am already there, accept tea would be good. ;-)

  4. Kimmie, lovely and bittersweet post. I felt as if I was there with you, and I felt as if you were sharing the experience with your dear departed father. He no doubt looked down upon Littlie's achievement taking down the laundry with love and joy. God bless you, Kimmie.

  5. Oh Kitt, Thank you...what a beautiful thought, he loved her (all of us) so much... you're right, he would be so proud of her, I love the idea that he might have been watching her achievement :)

    I do feel as if I'm sharing everything with him at the moment... there's not a minute goes by when he's not in my thoughts.

    Thanks for stopping by Kitt... you've made my day!

    God bless you and yours, Kimmie x

  6. I won't scoop. No scooping for me. But I'll make you tea and I'll even bring biscuits with me to share (what are your faves? I'm a bit boring and I rather adore plain digestives and rich tea)

    Your garden is beautiful, and regards the fairy lights at night, use a tripod and long exposure. Several seconds long. Or just keep trying trying trying.

    I like how relaxed this post is. I'd chat with you, and I'd forsure come for coffee (well, tea)

    1. I may never find a scooper :(

      Rich tea for me, or a good quality ginger nut :)

      Thanks for popping over Lizzi, clearly it's your turn to stick the kettle on ;o) ... and thanks for the photography tips...I'll have a go... I'm not one to give up without a fight... there will be night shots!

    2. I like a ginger nut but in coffee, not tea.

      And NO! Scoop yer own poop! ;)

      *sticks the kettle on*

    3. *Raises eyebrows...Grabs scoop* ;o)

  7. I understand about Dadlessness, so if we were having coffee, I'd make you a double...and share my good chocolate (you get first choice). I'd also suggest turning the flash off on your

  8. Flash off on your camera. Set it on a stand or table to steady it if you're concerned about blurry pics. Fairies don't like lights; they are the brightness in the night.