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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wordless Wednesday 13/01/2016... I kid you not!

Wordless Wednesday. 13/01/2016... I kid you not!

Kimmie x


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    1. I usually have everything down by the 12th night, and, like you, I miss it when it's all down, but I am beginning to wonder if I'm ever gonna get through the de-tinseling this year. At this rate it'll still be up in December o_O
      I started taking the decs down on the 2nd Jan, got most of them down but have been too exhausted to tackle the rest. Just the tree (and the ceiling lights above-behind the tree) to do now. I can't see it being sorted anytime this week though. Still, it's nice to come down to a bit of left over Merry-&-Bright in the mornings :)

      Thanks for hopping over. Loved your Play house post!

      Take care. Kimmie x

  2. My Christmas tree is down but some of my decorations are still up. Too busy to put them down. Happy New Year Kimmie.

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    1. It's now the 18th, and it's STILL up! o_O
      Iv'e just not got the energy ATM.
      Oh well, it's given me an opportunity to practice my fairy-light photography... silver linings :)