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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

'Throw A Little Sunshine Our Way'

I wrote this during the (incredibly wet) summer of 2012.

Dear Mr Weather man,

We are now well into the middle of July 2012’ and yet to see any sign of summer!

It occurred to me during my comings and goings today, umbrella clutched like a security blanket in one hand - the other holding a huge cardigan around my middle to keep the (autumn) wind out,, that perhaps 'Mr Weather man' you're attempting to empathize with the great British public this year. Aware of the general doom and gloom overshadowing the country,  the economy showing no sign of recovery any time soon, and the majority of families on their knees in the midst of it all, how can you possibly allow the sun to shine?!
I can see how you might feel that would be little insensitive. 

Of course, I do see where you’re coming from; after all.. do we not do just the same when people we know are going through tough times? - If a best friend tells us they've been made redundant, lost a love one or stepped in a big pile of dog poo, we don’t laugh do we? Our faces don’t light up on hearing their news. (Okay, we might laugh at the *dog poo* story, we're only human!).

Generally though.. when faced with other peoples sorrow our faces reflect their pain, we empathize.
Our eyes might glisten with empathy, perhaps threatening to rain any minute, our expressions cloud over, sometimes slightly overcast with the possibility of a little sun breaking through, and sometimes, when faced with really devastating news.. clouding over with incredible darkness, a heavy down pour almost certainly guaranteed.
It rather depends on how bad the news is. 

Back to you Mr Weather man, maybe throwing in an extra autumn this year is your way of saying 'I feel your pain'.  Well, whilst I do appreciate your concern, and indeed your empathy for my own situation.. and for the trials and tribulations of millions of others during the current economic climate, I think you've got it wrong! A bit of sunny in the face of despair is usually just what the doctor ordered.

On that note Mr Weather man - Thank you very much for your concern - but actually you're not helping, you're making matters worse.
We would appreciate it if you could stop buggering about with the seasons.. and throw a little sunshine our way.
Actually, scrap that last bit, at this point a little sun will not do, make that a lot, you owe us!

P.S If your empathetic feeling for the majority of Britain is not that easily reigned in, please feel free to go and rain on the bloody government and all of the unsympathetic loonies who support them!

Yours Sincerely

Me, everyone I know, and quite possibly everyone they know too.

Thank you for allowing me to share

GOD bless you and all those you love

Kimmie x                                            Copyright©2012kimmie All Rights Reserved


  1. A laugh-out- loud post we Brits can certainly empathise with! I agree that a little sunshine can go a long way to making us feel better in general. Our moods often reflect the weather. My aching joints feel like a built-in barometer! Thanks for fun laced with a froth of feelings. Bless you :)

  2. Thank you Joy! He He I did enjoy writing this piece :)

  3. Will you please gee'or describing yourself as nonsense please?

  4. Ha ha, well it is a bit of a random post but I did enjoy writing it lol

  5. I like your writing style; can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work. All the best, Ian