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Saturday, 6 October 2012


Do you see in me what GOD sees? Do you hear what he hears?
He sees so much more than mental illness, paranoia, fear.
Can you empathize as GOD does with the shadows from my past
If you looked at me with his eyes would you see behind the mask.

I know it hurts your feelings when I pull from your embrace,
I'm trapped, but always open to the sadness on your face.
GOD alone knows the real me, locked deep inside this skin
can you understand as he does why I cannot let you in?

Imagine the blackest darkness, close your eyes, focus; are you there?
There are demons in the shadows, so tread carefully, beware!
I hide here in the darkness too afraid to venture out,
Tears frozen on my eyelids, oppressed, can’t scream or shout.

But, I’m blessed within my shadows by dreams of all that I could be
In hope I pray, through ‘AMAZING GRACE’, I will one day be free.
Now imagine you're looking through GODS eyes, can you see that little light?
It’s tiny in the darkness, do you see it? It burns so very bright.   

There’s beauty in that little light, such love, kindness, creativity.  
That little glowing pocket in the darkness that you see?
That little glowing pocket, is Gods 'AMAZING ME'.

                                                                         ©2012kimmie All Rights Reserved  

Lord, Thank you for loving me, the way I am. Amen


Thank you for allowing me to share - It helps.

Kimmie x                                        


  1. Lovely descriptive poem Kimmie. It speaks poignantly of your 'shadow side' which I can relate to. But there is grace, light and hope here too. Praying that you may know a greater degree of release from the fears and darkness. I remain a sister in sympathy. God bless you :)

  2. good luck in your battle. I think we all can relate. Sometimes, I feel that darkness, too, but in that solitude, Hashem speaks with us more clearly. Good job this clinician point

  3. Thank you Cindy. I do apologize for not replying sooner, I must have missed your comment! I wish you peace in your own battle!

    God bless

    Kimmie x